Cover Painting:
 Jean-Baptiste Bernadet
Sticky Fingers, 2012

Special Edition Print:
Olaf Breuning

Chef: Leif Hedendal

Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective, Imprint Projects,
St-Germain Liquors

Special thanks to Alexei Tylevich, Logan, Adam Katz & Dina Pugh, Cyril Duval / Item Idem, Leif Hedendal, Victoria Gondra, Laura Dressler, MacGregor Harp, NADA, Fahad AlHunaif

Issue III: Food Fights F/W 2012    

Since our last issue, we’ve observed the convulsions in the Middle East from afar, and witnessed up close the incantations against Wall Street. Paired with the explosion of food as culture, with the elevation of our most basic necessity to a luxury good, this issue reflects an idiosyncratic year of massive change.