Cover Art: Davide Balula
Gap-toothed printers were asked to vigorously bite the cover of this magazine, 2013

Special Edition Scents:
Frédéric Malle + Sissel Tolaas

Limited Edition Picnic Blankets:
Rafael de Cárdenas

Chef: Ignacio Mattos

Sponsors: Cooper Spirits

Special thanks to Ignacio Mattos / Estela Restaurant, Henry Urbach / The Philip Johnson Glass House, Rafael de Cárdenas / Architecture at Large, Felix Burrichter and Patrick Li.

Issue IV: La Grande Bouffe F/W 2013    

The theme of this issue is based on the 1973 Marco Ferreri film, “La Grand Bouffe”, in which food is “the last hope hidden in the despair of living. A living that is reduced to the most basic functions: swilling, digesting, sleeping, drinking, burping, vomiting, […] in the desperate attempt to eliminate, along with vital substances, also the dregs of bourgeois ideology.”