Cover art designed by Ji—Had, is to be scratched off to playfully address the theme with a lottery vernacular.

Chef: Iganacio Mattos & Aidan O’Neil

Event sponsored by Stella Artois. Supported by ICA and Miami Design District.

Special thanks: All contributors and supporters of White Zinfandel, Ignacio Mattos and his team at Estela, Sophie Secaf and Box 1824, Gustavo Sousa, Christian Haas, Raul Martinez and Rosemary Hansen, Condé Nast Studios, David Wu, Tommy Pace and ICA Miami, DACRA, Edward Kim Castings, Walnutsgroove, Gaggenau

Issue VI: Power F/W 2015    

Paranoia, of course, is an occupational hazard for dictators, and that too soon finds its way on to the menu. — Leo Benedictus, The Guardian

Food and art share a vocabulary of taste, tasting, and tastemakers, but our thoughts kept climbing to the top of the taste pyramid, where food tasters work to intercept powerful poisons en route to the stomachs of the heads of state. Power distorts, power exalts, and power corrupts, but we’re hoping that the power of art, and the power of food, will push you down some interesting paths.