The typeface used throughout the issue is named Trump Medieval. Fitting for the topic, and no explanation necessary. To further compliment the design, the issue is printed on leftover paper stock from Die Keure’s plant—the printer of this book.

Chef: Alex Chang

Edible Flora: Ren MacDonald

Event sponsored by Stella Artois. Supported by Printed Matter. Space donated by 501(c)3 Foundation.

Special thanks to all contributors and supporters of White Zinfandel, Shyan Rahimi/501(c)3 Foundation, Jordan Nassar, Shannon Michael Cane/Printed Matter, Sasha Portis, Lina Goujjane, Alex Chang, Sophie Secaf, Elisabeth Griesedieck, Hauser & Wirth.

Issue VII: Offal 2017    

Offal is the theme of this issue of White Zinfandel. To most American consumers, offal is the undesirable un-consumables antithetical to the proper and wholesome image of what makes America great. We start to think of offal as the leftovers—a theme that has become current and relevant in today’s global political climate. Rejecting offal has been a political tool for the existing system to thrive in.