W/ Editions Round 3 at NADA Miami

W/––– Editions 3

W/––– Projects announces the third round of its editions series: Disposable Cameras.

For this project, 25 artists were given disposable cameras and asked to shoot 27 exposures of anything they choose. Once completed, the cameras were returned to us undeveloped, and are to be sold undeveloped at the W/–––Projects booth (P16) at NADA Miami this December.

This series turns the traditional artist-to-dealer-to-buyer structure into a trust exercise by giving collectors control over whether to develop and/or exhibit the work. This exchange comes with its own risks, as collectors put their trust in the artist’s camera and its contents, unseen. Contributing artists, similarly, must forgo much of the control that they would typically enjoy in this process. No longer can the artist rattle off hundreds of photos in order to later cull and correct the perfect 27. As a result, each set of photos is inevitably a direct reflection of the process, and cannot be hidden from the collector. Concurrently, no longer can the buyer choose from a series of professionally produced works, on archival papers, in expensive frames and situated in perfectly lit galleries.

W/––– Editions #3 contributing artists:
Aids 3-D, Michele Abeles, Michael Bell-Smith, Linus Bill, RobinCameron, Pete Deevakul, Ryan Foerster, Lukas Geronimas, Daniel Gordon, Anna Sew Hoy, Zak Kitnick, Josh Kline, Ajay Kurian, Maia Ruth Lee, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Eli Ping, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Jon Rafman, Julia Sherman, Luke Stettner, Peter Sutherland, Jacques Vidal, Max Warsh, and Nicole Wermers.